As a consumer it isn’t always easy to decide whether a product is a genuine organic cosmetic or if it just has a “green label”. A few natural ingredients in small concentrations don’t constitute a natural product by a long way, and are not even close to being an organic product.

Unfortunately, there is no European regulation in the area of cosmetics for terms such as “natural”, “nature” or “organic” as there is for food. They can be used freely as soon as a manufacturer refers to a standard under private law. Such standards/quality hallmarks exist in large numbers, but statutory minimum requirements are lacking.

Austria is an exception and an example in this respect: it is the first country in the EU which regulates natural and organic cosmetics by means of a statutory based and very strict standard, in the Austrian food book ÖLMB [Austrian food book] (Codex Austriacus Alimentarius). Austrian manufacturers of natural and organic cosmetics are obliged to comply with the food book. In a nutshell: organic cosmetics manufactured in Austria really are organic!

All of our products are certified organic in accordance with the very strict provisions of the ÖLMB. Watch out for this label as it guarantees the best quality. Our claim of tolerability and sustainability even extends beyond this standard.

Requirements for organic cosmetics in accordance with ÖLMB Codex section A8 “Agricultural products from organic production”, article 6 “Organic cosmetics”

Basic requirements for natural cosmetics in accordance with ÖLMB

  • Consists exclusively of natural substances (plant-based, mineral, animal) - excluding exceptions
  • Extracted by gentle, physical, enzymatic or microbiological methods (washing, pressing, extraction, fermentation...)
    Exceptions to this rule are emulsifiers, surfactants and preservatives - they are essential for a functional and safe cosmetic product for the user, but cannot be extracted from pure physically processed natural substances
  • Free of synthetic colourants, synthetic fragrances, ethoxylated raw materials, silicones, paraffins, pigments
  • Free of UV-filters, genetically modified substances, nanoparticles
  • Elements of vertebrates may only be used if they originate from 
living animals (e.g. beeswax, mare’s milk...) and applicable
animal welfare provisions are adhered to
  • Preservation: many natural substances such as vitamin E have a preservative and stabilising effect, but do not sufficiently protect from microbial deterioration. In this respect the ÖLMB allows the use of 6 naturally identified organic acids (synthetically produced but recreate the natural substance like for like)
  • Cosmetics not tested on animals are now guaranteed by other Austrian
and EU regulations and therefore don’t have to be stipulated separately

Additional requirements for organic cosmetics in accordance with ÖLMB

  • In accordance with ÖLMB the aim should be that 100% of the agricultural raw materials are organic; at least 95% of the agricultural raw materials need to be guaranteed to originate from controlled organic cultivation
  • With respect to the finished product a specific overall level of organic materials must also be used (e.g. 90% for oils, 30% for aqueous emulsions - water cannot be organically certified)
  • Every Austrian organic cosmetic manufacturer must be certified by an accredited Austrian organic certification body before they are allowed to bring organic products into the Austrian market. Composition, manufacturing and storage are audited annually and recertified where necessary
  • The labelling of Austrian organic cosmetics must be carried out with the note “Manufactured in accordance with ÖLMB section A8 organic cosmetics segment” indicating the official seal and number of certification bodies
  • ÖLMB links requirements from the EU regulation on organic food production with the provisions for organic cosmetics. This is unique to the EU and guarantees a quality standard independent of private law standards


ALLE mysalifree Produkte werden nach den strengen Richtlinien des Österreichischen Lebensmiitelbuchs ÖLMB Codexkapital A8 "Biokosmetik hergestellt. SLK AT-BIO-501